VITA Martha Madrigal

Semblance of Martha Madrigal.

From an early age she enjoyed creating images, settings, characters, a mixture of fiction and reality. The most remarkable quality was relentless curiosity and an imaginative mind. She spent his childhood next to a family in Mexico City, years later they were to move to the city of Colima. She concluded his professional studies in Architecture, where he became familiar with the theoretical and philosophical concepts of the discipline. This contact would awaken an immense desire to understand the thought that accompanies the creative genius. At the end of the degree, she practiced the profession in various offices in Mexico City, focusing on the design area.

With the passage of time, saw in the visual arts the ideal medium to express the inner world that he wanted to convey. The change towards the arts was gradual, she entered the area of thought, studied a diploma in philosophy at the University of Berkeley. In 2011 she entered the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM, to carry out a postgraduate degree in Visual Arts, and continued with her training in drawing and painting at the Academia de San Carlos and at the Saul Serrano Center for Contemporary Art, in the Mexico City. As of 2016, in collaboration with two artists, she prints illustrations on porcelain and textiles, under the name Otter Sisters, the pieces are produced in Barcelona and distributed in design and memorabilia stores.

Along with the creation of illustrations in different techniques, she delved into abstract painting with mixed media, which has allowed her (to communicate or convey) philosophical concepts in painting. Likewise, another topic of interest is understanding emotions and thought as a space, as common places inhabited in the day-to-day life of human beings. Thus, we can understand the forms that refer us to everyday objects and that are in a place. Without forgetting that it is a metaphor, which invites the observer to create that space inside.