Hello and welcome to NEUNION – THE UNITY WINS

The unique and responsible internet platform of the NEUNION-Community.

The NEUNION-Community unites engaged people, like you and me, who have the desire and the deep moral conviction to help poor, weak and needy people in our society.

With creative ideas and in a transparent way, we jointly promote more than just the European idea. Together we also want to strengthen social cohesion, the understanding between the different cultures as well as the respect for humanity in our society.

By pooling our convictions and the willingness to financially contribute of each and every individual in our society to change something to good, we are in a position to quickly and effectively fight against grievances. Furthermore, we can help giving a voice to projects that receive little or no media attention.

What makes the NEUNION-Community so special and truly unique is: We help with art.

If you also feel the deep conviction and the desire in yourself to improve social life together with us, then join us and make the NEUNION-Community more powerful.

Be an important, respected and valuable member of our unique community.

The NEUNION-Community will be happy to welcome you.


Eyk Himmel