VITA Wu Hsichi

Wu Hsichi was born in New Taipei City, Taiwan in 1965. In the second half of 2011, 
the artist started to paint with oil pastels. 

The concept of his creation is to challenge the limits of what he can discover. 
Wu currently lives and works near a coast in Yilan County, Taiwan.

The spirit of Zen plays both a significant role in Wu Hsichi’s work and life. 
Combining the use of this unique artistic language with the repetitive entangled lines and bright colors, he creates an illusion of a spiritual world where ones’ thoughts and emotions are simultaneously provoked and evoked. 
Elements such as the island, plays as a beacon of hope that keeps us motivated; and the human body, which symbolizes spiritual imprisonment hinders our minds from ascension. To achieve the enlightenment of Zen, one must meditate, be willing to let go, embrace and experience the true nature of all things.