VITA MSchwarz

Michaela Schwarz , paints , take photos and experiments with objects . Her artistic inspiration is / has always been the view beyond the conventional lines and proportions. Another inspiration for her is travel. During the time she lived and worked in New Zealand she developed a love for Polynesian art forms and the way artists* there draw their inspiration from Māori, European and other traditions to create a fascinating blend of styles. She is fascinated by presenting ordinary objects in a different way and wants to invite the viewer* to take a closer look at the nuances. Instagram: mykaron

Painting / Objects

In my paintings/canvases/objects I deal with the theme of “head”, structure, Oberfläche, transparency and order.I use materials that I also find in everyday life. (Plastic nets, packaging, sandwich paper, paste, joint tape, wool). I apply these materials in combination with colors on the canvas. These (materials )are then partially removed, painted over or pasted over. Thus, a consciously created “disorder” is created. To create a distance to this “disorder”, I try to place shapes around or in the structures. As shapes I like to use the symbol for the head (heads). It is important to me to show a structure even in the seemingly white spots. I want to express a complexity and at the same time simplicity of the “human spirit / feeling”.

Inside – outside – closed – open – order – disorder these opposites interest me.