NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS is an incredible charitable platform that stands out worldwide. It brings together like-minded individuals from all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, to combine their financial resources and efforts to help and support people and animals in crisis situations. The platform is particularly focused on areas like child protection, animal welfare, and social development.

The platform’s primary objective is to promote human compassion and social cohesion, which are the keys to building a better world. Founder and CEO Eyk Himmel has ingeniously integrated charity with art to achieve this objective, recognizing the arts as a powerful means of communication among people of diverse cultures.

Besides its partnership of art with charity, the platform stands out for its five distinct zones. The ART-ZONE showcases contemporary and modern art, including POP-ART and sculptures, and enables renowned and award-winning artists to come together to raise funds for global projects.

The CHARITY ZONE raises money for projects focused on the EU, and members choose which projects are funded through periodic voting. Members can bring their thought-provoking ideas and knowledge of emergencies and social issues to the table via the YOUR IDEA ZONE. Meanwhile, the VISIBILITY ZONE facilitates transparent use of funds, allowing members to see how their donations are used in words, pictures, and short videos.

Lastly, in the REWARD ZONE, supporters are thanked and rewarded for their financial contributions by entering themselves in a live lottery that takes place on social media under the supervision of a notary. The selection of prizes is inspired by sustainability and modern zeitgeist, and a star from the sports world acts as the lucky draw’s ‘glücksfee’.

Overall, NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS offers a WIN-WIN scenario for projects and supporters alike, and it would be our pleasure to welcome individuals as part of us. Let us come together as a community to do some good, Eyk Himmel, The founder, and CEO, believes.