Dear artist,
I would like to invite you to collaborate in selling your artwork to the members of 
the NEUNION-Community through our ART-Gallery of NEUNION – THE UNITY WINS.

For this purpose I would like to make you a fair and lucrative cooperation offer:

1. There are no costs for you, neither for the presentation nor for the sale of your 

2. As long as you are represented with an artwork in our ART-Gallery, you get 
free access to NEUNION – THE UNITY WINS.

3. If a member of the NEUNION-Community buys one of your artworks, we only 
charge a commission of 25 per cent on the sales proceeds.

4. 10 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of your artwork go to our Charity-ART-Counter. These costs are NOT covered by you either, but by the NEUNION-Community.

Technical prerequisites for successful cooperation:

1. File formats for upload: jpeg, pdf

2. Pixel size: longest edge 1280 px / 72 dpi

3. For sculptures: front view, rear view, side view right/left (optional)

Prerequisite for a successful presentation / sale:

1. Name/Pseudonym

2. Information about: titel, type, size and material of the artwork

3. Quotation in Euro

4. Short vita of your artistic work (optional)

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me:

Office: +49 – (0)40 – 85 40 67 26

Cell phone: +49 – (0)151 – 27 25 20 66

I would be happy if you would say yes to my offer and help the NEUNION-Community to promote global charity projects.

If you are interested, you can download the current cooperation agreement document here and please, send them to art@neunion.com.

Please, use for uploading your artworks WETRANSFER and send it to: art@neunion.com.

Thank you for your attention.

Eyk Himmel
The Founder