Art is the best means of understanding between different cultures, one of the aims of NEUNION to promote understanding
between different cultures. NEUNION’s international online ART gallery is a free platform for artists from all over the world who support the CHARITY Spirit of NEUNION.

I, Eyk Himmel, founder/CEO of NEUNION have visited exhibitions and vernissages in Hamburg, Germany and Europe to introduce artists and their artworks from the fields of contemporary art, modern art, POP-ART and sculptures for NEUNION’s Online ART Gallery.

The response and approval of the artists was tremendous, so that now internationally renowned and award-winning artists, such as Eugene Kurlandsky from Israel, Irina Rybakova from Russia, Jaime Paintings from Great Britain, Juan Cabello Arribas from Spain, Irene Kau, Lavillia, Maria Büter and Roman Gilz from Germany, Martha Madrigal from Mexico, Mira Seemann from Israel, Ognyan Chitakov with his sculptures from Bulgaria, Özlem Thompson from Great Britain, Prapti Dangwal from Pakistan, Sandrine Langlade from France, Shereen Tabet from Great Britain, Sue Riger from the United States and Wu Hsichi from Taiwan will show their oil paintings and watercolours in the online ART gallery of NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS and offer them for sale to members and visitors.

By selling their artworks, the artists support global CHARITY projects by donating 10 percent of the proceeds to child protection, animal welfare and social institutions. The pool in which this money is collected is the CHARITY-ART-COUNTER of NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS. But not only renowned and internationally award-winning (AWARD-Winner) artists exhibit their works, also NEWCOMers are also represented in the Online ART Gallery of NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS.

A special highlight is the linking of NEUNION’s Online ART Gallery with NEUNION’s 3D Gallery, a virtual salesroom for an initial presentation.

I, Eyk Himmel, founder/CEO of NEUNION would like to invite you to visit our ART gallery and our 3D gallery to get to know the exceptional repertoire and work of the artists represented in our ART gallery and 3D gallery.
and creations of the artists represented in our ART Gallery and 3D Gallery and, if you like it, to buy it.