3D-Galerie more INFORMATION

Art has always been a potent tool to bridge gaps and foster understanding between cultures. It is with this vision in mind that NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS created its one-of-a-kind CHARITY-ART portal to raise funds for projects dedicated to the welfare of children, animals, and social institutions worldwide. With art, we lend a helping hand to those in need.

The ART ZONE in our international online gallery features works by renowned and award-winning artists from a range of diverse fields such as contemporary, modern, POP-ART, and sculptures. Our artists include Eugene Kurlandsky and Mira Seemann from Israel, Irina Rybakova from Russia, Jaime Paintings, Özlem Thompson, and Shereen Tabet from the UK, Juan Cabello Arribas from Spain, Martha Madrigal from Mexico, Prapti Dangwal from Pakistan, Sandrine Langlade from France, Sue Riger from the USA, Wu Hsichi from Taiwan, and Ognyan Chitakov from Bulgaria. Our German roster boasts artists such as Alexandra Marati, Stavros Panagiotakis, Giorgos Tsakiris, Lavillia, Maria Büter, Alessandro Böhme, Boris Jankowski, Amala Westerwald, Elvira Hilbig, Heinz-Josef Mess, N. Massey, Ricardo Di Ceglia, Robin Geiger, Tine Wellborg, and Roman Gilz, whose 3D-galerie showcases selected pieces for sale.

NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS 3D gallery offers a virtual sales space for an initial presentation of curated artworks. A visitor can walk through the room, admire the works showcased, and choose to purchase any item while helping to fund global charitable projects. In support of our commitment to charitable endeavors, 10% of the sale proceeds will be donated to projects dedicated to the protection of children, animals, and social institutions – as tracked on our CHARITY-ART-COUNTER.

As the founder and CEO, I, Eyk Himmel, warmly invite you to explore our virtual ART ZONE and discover the exceptional talents of our artists. Your purchase will make a significant difference in the world, contributing towards making it a better place for all.