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Help, together with us, children and animals in need.

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Who we are:

The NEUNION-Community unites committed people, like you and me, who care about helping and supporting people and animals in emergency and crisis situations.

What we do:

The NEUNION-Community pools the financial commitment of its members to support projects in child protection, animal welfare and social organisations.

What we want:

The NEUNION-Community particularly promotes social cohesion, humanity and understanding between different cultures.

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Juan Cabello Arribas

Artist of the month

Juan Cabello Arribas (Madrid, 1973) is a frontier artist who lives between Portugal, Brazil and Spain, where he develops his transdisciplinary studies joining art, ecology, botany and architecture. In 2006 he based his research in London – between Whitechapel and TATE Gallery – where he expanded the limits of his technique beyond architectural traditions. In 2010, he obtained his PhD degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (dpa, ETSAM) and in 2020, he finished his postdoctoral studies in Rio de Janeiro at the Department of Architecture of PUC-RJ. From his creative laboratory, he invites us to review our present, by exploring the geography of the collage technique as a territory of freedom where everything is possible.

Here is some text about his work “MERGULHA”, which was bought by INGREDION Germany GmbH to support a global CHILD PROTECTION or ANIMAL PROTECTION project on

“MERGULHA” was the result of months of reading, visual research and finally days of decision making.
It was about the importance of the moment we are living in today. It’s about the women’s society I love and the equality rights we MUST fight for.

“MERGULHA” is a cry that says to women: JUST DO IT! JUMP! Feel free! We are a lot of men supporting you and we want to fight with you.
It’s time to reconnect.