NEUNION-THE UNITY WINS was founded by me, Eyk Himmel Founder/CEO with the aim to strengthen social cohesion, understanding between different cultures and humanity in our society.

To achieve this goal, our members support and help people and animals in emergency and crisis situations not only within Europe, but also in America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

To give our members the opportunity to actively participate in achieving our goals, I Eyk Himmel, Founder and CEO, created the YOUR IDEAS ZONE.

In YOUR IDEAS ZONE, every member has the opportunity to report emergency situations and grievances in the area of child protection, such as in aid institutions, educational institutions, training institutions, recreational institutions or counselling centres for children and young people, in the area of animal protection, such as in animal rescue stations, in sanctuaries or in animal shelters, as well as in the field of social institutions, such as orphanages, shelters for the homeless, women’s shelters as refuges for victims of domestic violence or public food banks, of which the member has knowledge in his or her personal environment, to present and make known to all members in words and pictures or a small video.

That there is this possibility for members to become active themselves on our charity platform is another absolute positive exception, in addition to the transparency of the funds used in our VISIBILITY ZONE, compared to the diverse competition in the donation universe.

Here, too, the projects that receive the most votes, i.e. the highest number of stars, receive material or financial help and support from all of stars, receive material or financial help and support from all NEUNION members.

This active cooperation and commitment of our members helps us a lot to give a voice to those emergencies and grievances that receive little or no media attention, which is all the more important in these difficult times.

which is all the more important in these difficult times. I, Eyk Himmel, founder and CEO, am grateful to every member for their cooperation and commitment, as this opens our eyes to how many problems, emergencies and grievances there are, even on our doorstep.

Thus, YOUR IDEAS ZONE is an important building block for strengthening social cohesion and humanity in our society and contributes greatly to achieving the goals we have set ourselves in accordance with our motto THE UNITY WINS.