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Neunion - The Unity Wins | REGISTRATION
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Welcome to the registration on NEUNION – the unity wins


Many thanks for your intention to place a financial engagement of 19,90 € per month to change things for good and in a positive manner. 


Together with the members of NEUNION-Community you can help the poor, weak and needy in our society in an effective and intense way.


Be inspired from our unique Online-ART-Gallery and make use of its exclusive support of global charity projects.


Three different payment possibilities are available for your financial engagement:

59,70 € for a quarter of a year, 119.40 € for half a year or 238.80 € for one year.



Let us together start to move something big for good.



By the way, we have a special surpise for you to say thank you.


NEUNION – the unity wins